Industrial mised flow high pressure inline fan blowers. Sales of tube axial and vane axial heavy-duty industrial process blowwers, fans and OEM ventilators.
Inline fans blowers

BUFFALO BLOWER's Industrial Wall Mount Fans are used for general ventilation and are designed for efficiency and economy. These propeller fans are rugged and dependable and are available in a wide selection of sizes and performance.
These fans are offered with a wide selection of accessories to complete a well-balanced and specifically engineered air moving system. 
Flow Volume up to 118,000 CFM @ 3/4'' Static Pressure

BELT DRIVE: Available in sizes from 18 inch to 84 inch,  belt driven models are designed for quieter operation and lower initial cost.

DIRECT DRIVE: Available in sizes from 7 inch to 60 inch, direct driven models require less maintenance, offer longer operating life, increased efficiency and reduced operating cost.

These fans can be arranged for supply, exhaust or a combination of 

Wall Exhaust Fans are used for industrial ventilation, laundries, kitchen exhaust and farm buildings where large volumes of air are required or where fans must operate against resistance, and may also be installed in duct installations where low static resistance is encountered. Furthermore, Wall Mount Exhaust Fans as heavy duty industrial ventilating fans are presented in steel mills, machine shops, packing plants, etc. or in duct installations where static pressure up to one inch is encountered --- AMCA Certified.
Custom Features Special reverse flow fans for blowing air into buildings; inlet and discharge guards are optional features available for a slight additional charge. For installation in hazardous locations, fan units with explosion proof motors, non-ferrous blades and spark proof belts are available.
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Heavy duty custom built industrial and process fans blowers and blowing systems in Buffalo, New York. Sales of Chicago Blower, Canada corrosion resistant, high pressure and high temperature sealed fan/blower ventilators