OEM industrial process fans and high pressure blower sales. Quick ship of stainless steel SST and fiberglass FRP heavy duty industrial ventialtors and fans.
OEM blowers fans

We would like to remind you that CANADA BLOWER does manufacture and supply all types of fan & blower replacement wheels:
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- many sizes from 8" DIA to 95" DIA, from 10 to 1,000,000 CFM, up to 125" WG pressure
backward inlined, airfoil, forward vurved, backward curved, radial, radial tip, paddle designs;
- operating temperatures to 2,200 F for metal wheels and to 2,800 F for ceramic wheels;
- mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and exotic alloy construction;
- designed for use as replacement in existing fans and blowers of different 
makes and in stand-alone istallations;
abrasion-resistant construction for longest life in tough corriosive applications;
- fiberglass FRP impellers and PVC wheels;
spark-resistant wheels are available.fan efficiency than most in-line centrifugal fans in the normal industrial performance range.


<>Industrial high pressure turbo blowers, radial fans, regenerative and positive displacement super high pressure blowers. Sales of multi-stage pressure blowers and side channel blowers.

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