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Canada Blower / Canada Fan heavy duty axial and centrifugal fans are designed to handle applications involving erosive and corrosive gases, large capacities, high pressures and temperature extremes.

Typical fan applications include air cleaning systems, mechanical draft, chemical processes, kiln exhaust, mine ventilation, gas recirculation, sinteric and cryogenic service.

To meet these operating conditions, Canada Blower / Canada Fan heavy duty fans and blowers are designed and selected with the use of modern computer techniques guided by over 100 years of fan engineering experience. Comprehensive testing confirms design decisions. Quality ventilator manufacturing standards guarantee long fan service life.

Over the years, Canada Blower / Canada Fan supplied fans, blowers and pumps to a wide range of industries and applications. When prolonged service wears fan wheel the logical replacement is a new fan wheel built to the original design. A technical support and sales agent will get a replacement fan wheel, shaft, bearings, accessories, etc. in the shortest time. She, or he may also recommend changes to extend service life and performance of your machinery, including special materials of construction, explosion-proof and spark-resistant fan design, variety of coatings and accessories, intended to meet practically any blower application needs.

Canada Blower air moving fan products are best know for "industrial quality" assuring reliable performance, relentless dependability and longevity.  A staff of specially trained engineers will design a dependable fan that exactly fits customers' dimensional and performance requirements.

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Canada Blower Fans is a manufacturer of fans, blowers, compressors and rotary regenerative heat exchangers for industrial applications:

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Backwardly Inclined Fans

AMCA certified air and sound performance Class I, II and III construction – SWSI
Excellent efficiency and non-overloading horsepower characteristic
Single and double width designs
Static pressures exceed AMCA standard 99-2408-69
Surge-less design, fans stable over entire curve

Industrial Exhausters

Radial blade design for material handling applications
Pressures to 40″ SP w.g., volumes to 40,000 CFM
Pre-engineered for up to 1000 deg. F design
Conventional scroll or “SQ” (square) design
Available in stainless steel, aluminum, and exotic metals for demanding industrial applications

Pressure Blowers

Cast aluminum housing and wheel are spark resistant, lightweight, rustproof and rugged
Split housing for ease of maintenance
Excellent design flexibility for OEM applications

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Canada Blower Company is a supplier of Industrial and Commercial fans and ventilators for all air moving applications.

There are several different types of centrifugal fans, each with unique design characteristics, performance capabilities, and benefits. Often referred to as blowers, these industrial fans are used for high pressure ventilation applications by a variety of industries, as well as air pollution systems.

These fans work by increasing the pressure of an incoming airstream by turning a series of fan blades (impeller) mounted on a circular hub. This accelerates the air as well as changes the direction of the air flowing outward, often by 90 degrees. In addition, these fans produce a steady airflow.

Basic Types of Centrifugal Fans:

Below are the six most common types of centrifugal fans, each with a unique blade configuration.

Forward Curved Fan – Also known as a squirrel cage fan due to the wheel type, this fan’s impeller is forward and somewhat small. In addition, the blades curve in the same direction as the rotation of the wheel. Because the impeller, shaft, housing, and bearings are delicately made, there are some limitations for sustainability when used for industrial applications. However, this fan is great for low-speed and low-pressure applications.

Backward Inclined Fan – There are three standard blade types for this fan, including curved single thickness, flat single thickness, and curved airfoil. In addition to being relatively heavy and larger, the blades are designed to move away from the rotation of the wheel. For operation, this fan produces the highest speed. It is also considered more efficient than other fan types. Usually, the backward inclined fan is the best choice for low-pressure and high-volume applications.

Radial Blade Fan – This centrifugal fan is referred to as a paddle wheel fan because the impeller has many equally spaced flat blades that extend perpendicular to the direction of rotation for the wheel. Sometimes, this type of fan has side rims. The blades tend to be heavier, but they are also narrower and deeper compared to both forward and backward inclined blades. Producing medium to high pressure and being able to move a higher mass or volume of fluid, this fan is best suited for material handling.

Airfoil Blade Fan – The blades of this fan are hollow and backward inclined. Therefore, the fan is ideal for handling large volumes of clean air while operating at static pressures that are low to moderate. This fan also runs at a greater speed and produces optimum efficiency compared to the backward inclined fan. Capable of handling large volumes of air, it is used in induced and forced draft fans required for a wide range of applications.

Radial Tip Fan – These centrifugal fans have blades with a backward and curved configuration while cupping in the direction of rotation for the wheel. Although compact, the fan works great for applications of high-volume airflow in which the requirement for pressure is considerably high.

Inline Fan – Inline centrifugal fans are rugged. In addition, the backward inclined wheels are actually enclosed in a tube-axial casing. This medium-duty fan is less efficient and, therefore, used primarily when low-pressure airflow is required.

Canada Blower backwardly curved fan blowers in New York City and Chicago, aerofoil / acoustafoil, or aerocline fan blowers with high temperature construction, stainless steel SS316, SS316L, SS304, aluminum, explosion proof - spark resistant construction, monel construction. Supply of replacement backward curved (BC) fan blowers and airfoil (AF), or acoustafoil (AcF), or Aerocline fan blower parts for backward curved bc fan blowers manufactured by Buffalo Blower - New York, Twin City Fan, Northern Blower, Chicago Blower, Sheldons, Cincinnati Fan, Hartzell, IAP, Industrial air products, Canadian blower, Aerovent, Penn Ventilation, Penn-Barry, Barry Blower, ACME, Aerovent, Alphair, American Fan, Lau Industries, Clarage, Delhi, Canarm, Leader Fan, Daltec, ABB, Flakt, Flaktwoods, Woods, MK Plastics, Robinson Industrial, Garden City Fan, Loren Cook, Jen-air, Jenn Fan, Aeroflo, Grainger, Greenheck, Kice Fan, ILG Industries, Canada Fan, Industrial Air, Ceilcote.