Industrial and commercial roof-top centrifugal fans and up-blast wall and roof ventilators. Sales of propellr wall and roof exhaust fan ventilators and blowers.
power roof ventilators

Mushroom style CRB / CRD roof exhauster is an economical and attractive way to ventilate industrial and commercial buildings:
- Complete AMCA performance & sound certification with capacities to 35,000 CFM @ 2" WG pressure;
- Bearings life in excess of 1,000,000 Hrs on belt driven models;
- Wheather-resistant motor compartment and spun aluminum hood;
- Out-of-airstream motors;
- Overlapping centrifugal impellers and deep spun venturi minimize noise level;
- Polyurethane mesh bird screen;
- Adjustable pitch pulleys on belt drive models;
< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">- Available accessories include: automatic or motorized backdraft damper, epoxy paint, roof curb, disconnect switch...
A wall exhaust span aluminum option: CWB / CWD fans: general exhaust units for low to medium air volumes in commercial, institutional and light manufacturing buildings;  ...centrifugal design with advantages of compact, attractive apperance, quiet operation & performance against higher static pressures;  ...wheather proof aluminum housing;  ...performance to 10,000 CFM @ 2" WG.