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Ceiling Exhauster, or Ceiling Fans are specifically designed for installation above ceilings and in remote locations in today’s modern buildings. Ceiling fans are available as Ceiling Exhausters, Inline Exhausters and Cabinet Fans

Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Exhauster, In-Line Exhauster, and Cabinet Fan Construction: Ceiling fan housing is lined with special sound absorbing glass fiber for maximum sound attenuation. Fan housing have adjustable brackets or easy mounting. Dynamically balanced squirrel cage aluminum centrifugal impeller insures quiet, and highly efficient operating levels. Rubber motor mounts isolate motor vibration. Ventilator motors are permanently lubricated with overload protection. Most fans are shipped from factory in horizontal discharge position. Horizontal, or Vertical fan discharge are standard options. Attractive molded white plastic square and rectangular grills and aluminum grills with baked enamel finish are supplied with all ceiling fans. Build-in dampers cut off the back-draft. As standard units are shipped with right angle discharge. When in-line mode is required access panel and duct flange are easily removable for remounting in the field to switch to IL In-Line arrangement.

Ceiling Fan, Ceiling Exhauster, In-Line Exhauster, and Cabinet Fan Accessories Solid state Controllers provide an infinite number of motor speeds. Thus the need of 2- and 3-speed motors is eliminated completely in the new line of ceiling fans. Roof Jack is supplied with built-in back-draft damper and bird screen. It provides waterproof outlet for sloped roofs. Wall Cap is an all-weatherproof wall outlet. It is also supplied with built-in back-draft fan damper and it is available in bonderized steel and baked enamel finish over aluminum base. Eave elbows are designed for under eave discharge. Built-in back-draft fan damper and outlet grille provided with each unit. Vent Caps are intended for roof mount on sloped, or flat roofs. Available in all aluminum construction with mesh galvanized bird screen. In-line adaptor plates provide an inexpensive method for mounting both intake and outlet to duct work of the same size. Fan grille is discarded and the adaptor plate is used on the fan side.

Ceiling Fan, Ceiling exhauster, Inline exhauster, and Cabinet Fan applicatios Ceiling fans are designed for use as exhaust fans for all types of commercials and administartive buildings predominantly for indoor applications.

All fan models wall fans bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal.

Industrial process and O.E.M. fan blower ventilation equipment; sales of high pressure blowers and high temperature oven exhaust fans; oven circulation fan air-kits; material handling radial blower fans.

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We would like to remind you about an economical in-line fan design - our Mixed-Flow Fans.
This inline fan design develops static pressure up to 6" WG - 10" WG, which is a range between true axial (vaneaxial) fan
and high-pressure 􀀀in-line centrifugal fans.
The wheel resembles both axial and centrifugal impeller - "mix" of them. It has an axial design component responsible for high
air volume, and a centrifugal component for high pressure. Mixed flow fans are a popular choice on many air supply, return,
and exhaust air applications in the HVAC industry for both constant and variable air volume systems.
The Mixed Fan sizes are similar to Axial and Tubular-Centrifugal fans, in both belt
drive and direct drive designs for air volumes up to 160,000 CFM.
Buffalo Blower's Mixed Flow Fan has the advantage of a compact design and
straight-through airflow, as well as preferred acoustic characteristics and high
pressure capability.
All units are available in spark-resistant construction and with explosion-proof motors.
Mixed Flow Fans offer superior air and
sound performance and the
AMCA certified rating seal for air and
Swingout Construction provides full
access to the wheel and inner casing.
The entire wheel/shaft/bearing
assembly is mounted on a
large swingout door.
Model MXF is available in both direct
drive and belt driven. The MXF mounts
both vertically and horizontally,
allowing for numerous applications
with multiple mounting
Buffalo Blower offers a specially modified version 􀀀of the MXF fan designated as "MXFSH" (Mixed Flow
Smoke and Heat Exhaust) for smoke control applications􀀀where temperatures can reach 1000°F. QSLSH is available
in sizes 150 through 730. Model MXFSH is􀀀 listed for smoke control systems for 􀀀500°F for 4 hours or 1000°F for 15
Clamshell style doors swing open wide to provide complete access to the interior of the fan for maintenance 􀀀or cleaning
without removal of ductwork. Heavy duty 􀀀hinges, positive locking latches, and full gasketing provide 􀀀a complete seal when
doors are closed. An access door 􀀀provides access to the bearings. All clamshell fans feature 􀀀removable bearing covers.
Available on all fan sizes, 􀀀typically vertical mount.
These units can be equipped with following accessories like:
- inlet & outlet flanges
- dampers and guards
- shaft seal
- high temperature 􀀀construction
- drive guards
- various mounting arrangements
􀀀- 􀀀clamshell design
- swingout design
- special materials
- fumehood design
- spark resistant
- UL 705, UL 762, UL Smoke & Heat, Seismic
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