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Air curtains provide a controlled stream of air across a building entrance or doorway to separate interior atmosphere from exterior environment. Air curtain’s airstream prevents cold, hot, or humid outdoor air, as well as insects and dust, from infiltrating the inside the building. This is why Air Curtains are considered as the first line of defense for employee safety.

Although air curtains require power to run the blowers and fan heaters, Air Curtains save much more costs by reducing drive-thru time, window wind fume hazard, providing low-first cost and low total cost as well as additional energy savings in energy battle.

Air Curtain Construction typically an air curtain will incorporate double width blower, belt, or direct driven, heating / cooling coils, or a gas fired coil, electrical controls, such as door plunger switch, speed controller, disconnect switch, and others, and mounting accessories, such as mounting brakets for suspended, or verhead mount.

Design Consdierations: To properly design an air curtain application the airstream must hit the floor with enough velocity to create a stable split right at the doorway. Design criteria for selection of proper air curtain for a given application include height and width of the door opening, intended usage, required characteristics of the airflow, which are combination of velocity, volume, and uniformity and the proper balance between each.

Once an air curtain is activated, it creates a split which uses the internal pressure to resist infiltration of temperature, rain, wind, debris, insects, etc. among the conditioned indoors and unconditioned outdoors air.

Typical applications include Commercial various entrances, loading doors, hotels, hospitals, stores, public facilities, and other commercial buildings, and other applications, such as Food service, where all aluminum, or all stainless steel air curtains are utilized .

While air curtains have been commonly used for decades to separate environments in the workplace, perhaps now is the time safety professionals should consider them to help eliminate industrial/commercial doorway accidents as well as keep restaurant drive-thru employees safe from CO poisoning and wintertime temperature extremes.

Typical applications include various entrances, loading doors, hotels, hospitals, stores, public facilities, and other commercial buildings, and other applications.

ILG air curtains are supplied with optional easy mounting trim key.

All models wall fans bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal.

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High temperature fans from Canada Blower can withstand temperatures up to 2200 F° or 1200 C°. These Super high temperature fans are offer as centrifugal amongst other types.
Canada Blower SQI is a high performance, trouble free packaged fan proven in multitude of industrial applications. With its radial wheel and square housing design, the SQI is efficient, economical and versatile industrial fan.

The Canada Blower SQI wheel with paddle radial blades is designed to handle various types of materials, long fibers or other stringy material as well as sticky, heavy or abrasive dust airstreams. Typical fan applications include material conveying, induced draft, industrial ovens and similar high temperature installations to 1000 F. Lint-free construction, in which housing hardware is reversed to limit obstructions in the airstream, minimizes lint build-up.

With pressures to 20" WG and volumes to 20,000 CFM, the range of the SQI Radial Fans cover the most popular general purpose industrial air systems need and typical mid-range OEM air-moving machinery designs. "Packaged" fans, those furnished with motor, V-belt drive, belt guard and other options, are factory aligned, run tested and shipped ready to install. By eliminating jobsite assembly, the packaged SQI fan can substantially reduce overall fan installation cost.

The experience gained as a leading supplier of all types of industrial and custom heavy-duty fans is reflected in the rugged construction of Canada Blower built fans. It's called "Industrial Quality" and guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. If you are unsure of the suitability of a particular fan for specific application, the Canada Blower air moving professionals will eveluate your needs and provide recommendations.

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