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Air curtains provide a controlled stream of air across a building entrance or doorway to separate interior atmosphere from exterior environment. Air curtain’s airstream prevents cold, hot, or humid outdoor air, as well as insects and dust, from infiltrating the inside the building. This is why Air Curtains are considered as the first line of defense for employee safety.

Although air curtains require power to run the blowers and fan heaters, Air Curtains save much more costs by reducing drive-thru time, window wind fume hazard, providing low-first cost and low total cost as well as additional energy savings in energy battle.

Air Curtain Construction typically an air curtain will incorporate double width blower, belt, or direct driven, heating / cooling coils, or a gas fired coil, electrical controls, such as door plunger switch, speed controller, disconnect switch, and others, and mounting accessories, such as mounting brakets for suspended, or verhead mount.

Design Consdierations: To properly design an air curtain application the airstream must hit the floor with enough velocity to create a stable split right at the doorway. Design criteria for selection of proper air curtain for a given application include height and width of the door opening, intended usage, required characteristics of the airflow, which are combination of velocity, volume, and uniformity and the proper balance between each.

Once an air curtain is activated, it creates a split which uses the internal pressure to resist infiltration of temperature, rain, wind, debris, insects, etc. among the conditioned indoors and unconditioned outdoors air.

Typical applications include Commercial various entrances, loading doors, hotels, hospitals, stores, public facilities, and other commercial buildings, and other applications, such as Food service, where all aluminum, or all stainless steel air curtains are utilized .

While air curtains have been commonly used for decades to separate environments in the workplace, perhaps now is the time safety professionals should consider them to help eliminate industrial/commercial doorway accidents as well as keep restaurant drive-thru employees safe from CO poisoning and wintertime temperature extremes.

Typical applications include various entrances, loading doors, hotels, hospitals, stores, public facilities, and other commercial buildings, and other applications.

ILG air curtains are supplied with optional easy mounting trim key.

All models wall fans bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal.

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Lack of ventilation, machinery producing extra heat, hazardous particulates, fumes & vapors from the processes and several other things can make an industrial setting uncomfortable for workers. As a way to prevent this situation and create ambience in working environment, today many industries are focusing on installing good fan equipment inside their structures. Fans in industrial settings serve several roles, not only in the air cleaning and conditioning, but in other processes like combustion, exhaust systems, conveying, cooling and drying etc. They serve different airflow requirements for different purposes in industries.

The design of the fan will determine its functionality in a system. Industrial centrifugal fans work with both positive air pressure designs and negative air pressure designs. Pressurizing of air is a common requirement for many application processes in industries like iron & steel, cement, Food & glass, pharmaceutical and chemical etc. In positive air pressure designs, fans are pre situated to the machinery so that positive pressure can be created and air is moved into the system. Positive air pressure fans are generally used in combustion processes, drying and conveying of materials in industries. Negative air pressure designs require air or gas to be vented off from the system. A negative air pressure is created to draw the air off the system. The placement of the fan in such system designs is generally at the end of the machinery. Negative air pressure fans are typically used to exhaust waste and hazardous gases and remove excessive heat from a system. There is also an alternative design where fans are placed amidst a system like in wood industry where pellets, wood chips and saw dust are conveyed directly though the fan in the needed direction. Based on the air movement requirement, pressure design and availability of space at the facility, fans have to be installed at the proper location. Proper placement of a fan system will provide valuable benefits to any industrial setting.

Various Ways to Use Centrifugal Fans in Industries

Industrial fans are generally enormous in size than their regular counterparts and can range up to the power capacity of 15,000 KW. These fans are mostly of centrifugal type having a capability for air movement in radial direction. Industrial centrifugal fans are categorized based on their pressure generation capacity, blade configuration and drive type. The size and the number of blades will determine their airflow handling capability in a system.

Industrial centrifugal fans are in great demand in many industries for process relief and ventilation because of their ability to operate in high or low temperatures, corrosive gases, acidic fumes etc. There are several ways how a centrifugal fan can be functional in industries.


Adopting a good ventilation system using industrial centrifugal fans prevent adverse environment being created inside the industry. Hazardous materials that get released during industrial procedures may cause respiratory ailments and other health issues to the people working there. Installing industrial fans remove dust, heat and fume extractions and provide fresh air flow into the location.

Air Recirculation

To save the usage of heat energy, industries like cement, chemical, and iron & steel reuse the hot air released during their application processes. Hot air is re-circulated and returned to the process or used in other industrial applications instead of bringing their temperatures down and releasing into the open atmosphere. Air circulation fans are popular in circulating hot air, fumes exhausting or cooling / controlling the temperatures of indoor industrial atmosphere.

Material Handling

Industrial processes require variety of materials to be handled through different operational procedures. Industrial centrifugal fans help moving the materials through the air stream and conveying it to the destination point. However, for conveying of the bulk or high density materials, heavy duty fans with higher air velocity are to be installed. Material handling fans are common in pharmaceutical, food processing and wood industries.

Dust / Fume Extraction

Smoke, dust, fumes and waste gases cause major pollution to any industrial setting. Sometimes, flammable materials or fumes get released into the air due to chemical mixes reacting in the industrial processes. If not properly handled, they can become risky and can cause direct injuries to the employees. Hence, it is important to install highly efficient fans to remove such harmful pollutants and create safe working environment.


Drying process controls the temperature and moisture content of the materials. There are several industrial applications that require heat treatment or desiccation process. Centrifugal fans for drying are prominently used in food production, pharmaceutical and cement industries. In food processing industry, centrifugal dryer fans dry and exhaust the moisture content from the food material. In cement industry they dry the clinker in the kilns whereas in pharma industries, the fans dry the drugs before they are sent for packing.


In industries Canada Blower cooling fans are generally used to control or reduce the heat. Backward curved & inclined high pressure centrifugal fans are commonly used in cooling systems to regulate high temperatures of any industrial process. Heavy duty cooling fans have high demand in glass, power plants, paper and cement industries.

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